Water features can bring a whole new dimension to your backyard pool. From something like a simple laminar to a more extravagant feature like a natural waterfall, the concept of moving water attracts attention and gets people talking. By incorporating water features into your poolscape, you’ll not only add an artistic element but more depth and character.


Waterfalls make a classic addition to any pool style and are always popular with children.


Bubblers are fun water features that spout up from shallow pool surfaces like steps and beach entries.

Deck Jets & Laminars

Deck Jets use air to shoot streams of water from the deck into the pool. Laminars arc across the

Pool Slides

Gone are the days of the unattractive plastic tube slide. Our custom built pool water slides

Tile & Coping

An economical way to give your pool a facelift is to add new tile and coping.

Sheer Descents & Scuppers

A sheer descent or scupper is a straight, linear water feature that drops a clean