Proper maintenance and service for your swimming pool can keep your water chemically balanced, pool equipment working correctly and efficiently, and prolong the life of your pool. Neglecting pool maintenance and cleaning can cause your pool to harbor bacteria and algae, raise your utility bills and result in costly repair to your pool equipment.

Owning a pool should be more about enjoying it than servicing it. Adcock Pool, Spa & Billiards offers pool service and maintenance services to fit your needs. We proudly use the BioGuard system to maintain your pool.

We Offer The Following Services:

  • Pool School
  • Weekly Pool Cleaning, including water testing and chemical balance
  • Vinyl liner replacement
  • Drain and acid washes
  • Filter clean or replacement
  • Pool Openings and Closings

Adcock Pool, Spa & Billiards has fully trained and qualified pool technicians. We offer a dependable service schedule that allows us to keep full service records and inform our customers of all services provided with each visit, including notes of any issues detected or future services we recommend. By staying in tune with your ongoing pool needs, we can help you avoid major issues and unnecessary repairs down the road, and keep your pool safe and beautiful year round.

Need A Service Appointment?

Contact Adcock Pool, Spa & Billiards to schedule your pool service at a time that is convenient for you.

Routine Maintenance

Factors such as sun exposure, extreme weather, wind-blown debris, and frequency and volume of usage can quickly throw off your pool water's chemical balance. When this happens, harmful bacteria and even algae can grow in no time. This creates unsafe conditions for swimmers, not to mention putting great strain on your filters and other equipment, impairing their ability to run properly. Proper care and maintenance are necessary to keep your pool beautiful and functional.

However, many owners don't have the time or simply dread the effort required to keep their pools and spas in tip-top shape. Give yourself a pass! Our low rates and flexible routine service packages take the stress out of pool maintenance without making you feel guilty! With our highly trained service professionals, dependable scheduling, and regular communication, you can rest assured of top-quality pool care and prompt notice of any issues that may arise with your pool.

Drain and Acid Washes

Green algae (or green pool) is a common problem for chlorine based swimming pool owners. Green algae often appears as a greenish growth on the walls and floors of your pool, and can result in your pool water taking on a green tint, due to greenish organic material suspended in the water of your pool. These algae not only resides within your pool, but can also spread to your pool's pipes and pool equipment. Many pool owners have been frustrated when, after hours of scrubbing and the addition of the wrong type of chemicals they realize that a week later their pool is as green as it ever was. This ends up costing owners time and money. At Adcock Pool, Spa & Billiards, we will cure your green pool problems the first time

Filter Clean or Replacement

Your swimming pool filter system is responsible for removing debris and keeping your pool water clean and clear. The pool filter is the hardest working piece of equipment in your pool, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to filter impurities so you can enjoy pure water. Because of this, it is extremely important that this system is regularly serviced. Our trained technicians are able to inspect and maintain your pool filter system upon request. Pool filter systems should be serviced at least twice a year. If your pool filter system is due for cleaning and maintenance, please contact us today!

Pool Equipment Repair and Replacement

Adcock Pool, Spa & Billiards also specializes in pool repair. Should an issue arise with any of your pool and spa equipment, please don't hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment. The only thing worse than an equipment or maintenance issue is one that isn't taken care of in a timely manner. Our trained technicians are able to repair and/or replace most pool and spa equipment.

Contact us today to speak with one of our pool care specialists to learn what maintenance program would work best for you and your pool or to speak with one of our service repair technicians.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Owning a pool can be more cost effective than ever before. Whether you are building a new custom pool, renovating or remodeling an existing pool or simply looking for an easier way to maintain your pool, Adcock Pool, Spa & Billiards offers pool products to make your life easier and your pool time more enjoyable. Why not incorporate a salt-chlorinating system? Salt-chlorinated systems use less chemicals, are more eco-friendly and are much easier to maintain than a standard chlorine system. In addition, the salt systems are gentler on your skin and hair, which enhances your swimming experience. To save energy, be more friendly to the environment and have a lower electricity bill each month, think of incorporating energy saving filters, pumps and heaters. Adcock Pool, Spa & Billiards offers a wide variety of energy efficient products to save you both time and money each month.

Pool School

Our pool school is designed to teach you everything you need to know about taking care of your pool so you can confidently know that your pool is safe and clean to swim in. Most pools are simple to maintain and require only a little effort and time to keep beautiful.

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